Name: Aloom Peyman
Type: private
Field of activity: the main activity of the company in the production of disposable dishes aluminium system with automatic machines and importing such machines
Objectives: active participation in the field of import and export and taking advantage of the potential opportunities for countries in the region, the development and the expansion of cooperation with specialized companies and domestic and foreign market


  • Contract manufacturing

  • Different designs

  • Distributed as soon as possible

Manufacturer with the most quality disposable containers made of aluminum in Iran

To build a better tomorrow


  • Less waste
  • Less energy consumption
  • Recycling
  • The conscious use of resources
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions

Some of the products

Why aluminum?

Aluminium is the ideal material and favorable to packaged food and the best protective against environmental and climatic disadvantages. These containers have been health and its surface and absorbing the bacteria growth and is does not have any side effects or chemical materials and raw materials used in it by virtue of preserving the original taste of food. Strong and resistant aluminium dishes and makes maintaining your appearance on the long shelf-life, cooking food with refreshing and original quality and elegant and can be used and consumed in a variety of plates, oven and microwave furnaces.

Examples of products


Today the use of disposable containers because of the reasonable price, convenience of use and variety of shapes, colors and designs, for food packaging, has greatly increased and more people to prepare food consumption by teenagers and have found many people prefer votive food in addition to giving, birthdays and parties are both of these containers. Talk about a major comment on the use of these containers being health discussion and influence the quality of the food in these containers inside it and ultimately the health of the consumer. The use of aluminium foil in the food packaging industry due to being reversible and reuse of waste is in no way an infected environment.

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