Aluminum Lids Container and Aluminum Aligned With Other Chemicals, A Chemist Says

An aluminum container filled with plastic bags is seen at a recycling facility in Hubei province in this June 28, 2015 file photo.

A Chinese chemical company said it has found a new method of manufacturing aluminum-containing chemicals, according to state media reports.

The state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Monday that the company, ChemChina, said the process was developed using the chemical reaction between aluminum and plastic, a type of aluminum that is used in packaging and aluminum cans.

China has been in a boom in aluminum manufacturing, with a recent surge of imports.

The nation accounts for roughly 20 percent of the world’s aluminum.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has said that about 80 percent of its aluminum needs to be processed to remove aluminum particles.

China does not have an international trade surplus, but the country has been criticized for poor recycling practices.

China produces almost 80 percent (22 percent) of the aluminum used in the world, according a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.