How to get a home with aluminum containers

How to build a metal container house with aluminum, steel, and copper.

The DIY metal container project, which I wrote about in 2014, involves assembling aluminum containers in an open, airy space, and then adding a steel frame around them.

The house is a bit of a mess, and I don’t think I could do it on my own, but it turns out you can do it with the help of a handy DIY guide.

The project can be built in about five minutes.

You’ll need: Aluminum containers.

A bucket, a bucket lid, and a bucket.

A kitchen sink and sink dish.

Two aluminum shelves.

A small amount of drywall, for the shelves and sink.

A large dishwasher, and some paper towels.

A piece of plywood, to hang the containers on.

A couple of screws and nails.

The instructions for assembling the container house are pretty straightforward.

All you need is a bucket, bucket lid and sink, and you’re ready to build.

We’re going to start by using the bucket lid to attach the aluminum containers to the bottom of the container.

Next, we’ll make the top of the aluminum container bigger and larger.

Then, we’re going do the same with the metal containers on top of it.

Now, we need to attach those containers to a steel beam.

It’s going to be the steel beam that we’re using to hang them.

It needs to be wide enough to reach through the space between the containers, but narrow enough to be easy to fit in a bucket or bucket lid.

Then we’ll use the beam to pull the metal container to the top.

Now that the metal is attached to the steel, we want to make the bottom even bigger.

To do this, we are going to add more wood.

Next we’re adding a few nails to the beam and to the metal.

Finally, we add a little more wood to the end of the metal beam.

To attach the metal lid to the aluminum frame, we use the same type of screws that we used to attach all the metal to the bucket or container.

Now we’re ready for the final step.

The last step in this process is to attach our metal container lid to a wooden plank.

You can use a regular plank for this, or you can make your own.

You need to buy a plank with the wood you want to attach your container to, so you’ll need to cut it into about half an inch thick.

Then you can cut the piece into two pieces.

Next you need to glue the pieces together.

You’re going a bit unconventional here, so let me explain.

You want the bottom piece to be flush with the wall, so that when the metal door opens, you don’t accidentally open your metal container.

You also want the metal piece to have the same width as the container, so the metal will slide through the container easily.

Now to glue in the wood, we used a nail to attach it to the piece of wood, then a nail and some nail-tacks to attach them to the wood.

You don’t need to use a whole lot of nails here, because we want the wooden plank to stick out a little bit more than it needs to.

Now you can glue the wooden piece to the plastic piece.

Now the next step is to put the plastic lid on top.

You probably don’t want the lid to sit on top the metal, so we’re gonna use some glue to make it fit on top, and we’re also going to attach some wood screws to the lid.

The final step in assembling your metal box is to hang it on a large piece of dry wood.

This can be done by cutting out a piece of lumber about the same size as the wood and attaching it to a piece or two of dry wall.

Then attach the dry wall and the wood together.

Then hang it up.

You’ve now assembled a DIY metal box that will hold all your containers, as long as you don.

You now have a metal box with a metal lid and a metal bottom, and it can be assembled into a metal home.

How do you build your own metal container?

The first step is actually pretty simple.

First, you need some wood.

Wood is great for the metal lids, because it’s lightweight, strong, and flexible.

You could even go ahead and use an old wood stove instead of a firewood stove.

Wood also has a very high moisture content, so if you plan on using it to build your metal home, make sure to make sure it’s dry before you start.

If you can’t find any dry wood, you can also use a fireplace, which has the same qualities of wood.

For more on building your own home, check out my article on How to Build a Metal Container House with Aluminum, Steel, and Copper.

Then build your container with a pair of screws, and glue it to