How to make a custom aluminum shipping container that’s more recyclable than the stuff you buy

A custom aluminum container can be made from the stuff that’s already in your fridge, kitchen, or pantry.

It can even be recycled by throwing it away.

Here’s how.


Put a lid on the container.

The container should be covered with foil or plastic.

The foil and plastic make it easier to keep it cool.


Make the lid.

You can use any type of lid you like, but I like to put a metal lid on my aluminum container.

It makes it easy to pour the liquid into it. 3.

Pour the liquid.

Pour water from a glass jug or a pitcher.

I like this water-based container because it’s easy to get the liquid out of the container without having to strain it. 4.

Put it away in a cool place.

If you’re using a metal container, it can be stored for up to six months.

If the container is plastic, it will keep for up and up. 5.

Take it apart.

When you put the lid on your aluminum container it’s already filled with liquid.

You’re done!

That’s because you’ve used up all the liquid in the container, so it can’t get any stronger.

Here are some more tips on how to reuse your aluminum shipping containers.

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