How to watch the Coyotes vs. Sharks at Staples Center on Sunday

In the midst of all the talk about the Kings being ready to get back on track, I am reminded of a story from my childhood.

Growing up, I used to get a lot of questions about hockey.

“How do I get to the arena?”

I’d ask.

“Do I need a ticket?”

“What’s the score?”

“Where are the nets?”

The most frustrating part of the questions was the answer was, “It’s the same.”

It was the same question every day for years, and it kept coming back to that.

Every day the answer would be, “That’s the arena.”

Every day it was, the arena would be empty.

Then, finally, one day, I saw the arena empty.

As soon as I got home and looked up, it was full.

I have always wanted to know how I got to the Staples Center.

I am a big fan of the arena and the team, so the thought of sitting down at home and watching my team play against my team was a big thrill.

My family and I always wanted us to see our team play, so we always knew the arena was packed every night.

Every year, I always asked myself, “How did I get here?”

And the answer is simple.

I went to a game on the east coast.

I drove from my home in California to the West Coast to watch my team on the East Coast.

I was fortunate enough to get to see my hometown team play at the Staples Centre.

I think that has been a huge part of my success and my journey since I have been a fan of hockey.

I want to thank all the fans and people that have been to see me play.

It has been such a great experience.

I have had a great time.

I think everyone in the NHL knows it.