How to make the best aluminum container

The World Health Organization has warned that the rise of aluminum containers poses a public health risk, but that the world is unlikely to face a sudden collapse in aluminum production.

Aluminum containers have been widely used by food companies for decades, but the latest surge in production could result in a significant spike in the global market for aluminum, the agency said in a statement Tuesday.

“Aluminum consumption is likely to be stable for decades and this is expected to continue into the future, and in this scenario, aluminum containers may be expected to be replaced by other types of containers,” the WHO said.

“As such, the increase in aluminum consumption is unlikely as a sudden threat to public health.”

Aluminum production is concentrated in the United States, where it’s used in a wide range of products, including aluminum foil and aluminum cookware.

The US has long been the world’s largest aluminum consumer, and its use in consumer products has surged since the late 1990s, driven by a booming aluminum market.

But aluminum prices have fallen dramatically since 2014 and the global aluminum market is expected in 2021 to reach a record of $1 trillion.