How to remove aluminum from a cosmetic container

The aluminum containers you use to clean your teeth are not meant to be reused.

So how do you remove the aluminum that’s still inside?

Here’s what you need to know.1.

Clean your toothbrush before you use it: You’ll want to rinse your brush before using it for cleaning your teeth.

The aluminum can cause dental cavities.

If you do not rinse your tooth brush, the aluminum can build up and cause a buildup of calcium in your tooth.2.

Use a cleaning brush that doesn’t scratch: You can buy a cleaner brush with a cleaning cap.

A cleaner brush cleans faster and won’t scratch your teeth as much.

But you may notice some dentists prefer to use a clean toothbrush that doesn “squish” into the mouth.

You may want to try a different cleaner brush if you have a very sensitive tooth.3.

Replace your brush: You may notice that your toothpaste is still clogging up your brush.

Replace it with a new brush that has the same cleaning cap and is not clogged by the aluminum.4.

Use the aluminum-free toothpaste: You might want to get a toothpaste with no aluminum.

The American Dental Association recommends using a tooth paste that contains no aluminum, such as Alkaline Blue.

It will remove the excess aluminum that can cause cavities and will also reduce the likelihood of plaque build-up.

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