Aluminum drinking containers to be removed from Australian market

Metal containers are being removed from the Australian market, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced.

The consumer watchdog’s new guidelines mean that aluminum drinking containers will be phased out by the end of 2022.

Aluminum drinking containers are the most popular container type, accounting for almost half of all aluminum products in the domestic market.

They are commonly used in kitchens and bathtubs, but they have been used in other applications as well.

The rules will take effect from the end the year, with the first phase expected to be completed by July 2019.

The guidelines say the “significant impacts” of removing the containers from Australian retail will be “greater than $10 million”.

“These container types are commonly found in kitchen and bath-tubs but are also found in industrial products such as metal containers, aluminium cans and metal containers,” it says.

“Aluminum containers will remain in Australian retail but are unlikely to be available for the foreseeable future.”

It adds: “These container products have been the most common containers used for aluminium beverages, particularly in industrial environments such as aluminium factories, mines and aluminium processing plants.”

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission says the removal of aluminum drinking container is the first step in the government’s “re-design of the Australian marketplace”.

“As this new approach is implemented, the Commission will continue to closely monitor the impacts of the re-design, to ensure that the new approach provides a positive outcome for Australian consumers,” it said.

“The Commission will also closely monitor and consider the impacts on the Australian economy and jobs, including the impact on the supply chain, and on consumer choice.”

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