How to Avoid the Flu in 2018

It’s a little like the flu season.

You know you’re getting sick when your fever and headache are out of control, and you have a rash or your eyes are hurting, or your skin starts to feel achy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the symptoms, especially when you get a rash, but the real flu hit when you’ve had a cold.

The first sign of a cold is a runny nose, which is a symptom of pneumonia.

If you’re feeling particularly lethargic, it could be because you’re not sleeping or because you’ve been sick for too long.

The next sign of flu-like symptoms are a mild headache and a little bit of fatigue.

If these symptoms are mild, your temperature may be normal.

However, if you’re having an infection, the next sign may be a cough or sneeze, followed by flu-specific symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, or muscle aches.

If you’ve got a fever or cough, you may be at a higher risk for the flu, because the virus spreads from person to person through coughing or sneezing.

However a rash will also show up if you’ve sneezed or been coughing a lot.

If your temperature is very high, or you’re dehydrated or have other conditions that might cause a high fever, you should be cautious.

The flu can be extremely contagious, so if you get sick it’s best to get tested and stay home if you can.

If a cold persists and you don’t get better, call your doctor.

What to do if you have flu symptoms:If you’re sick, it’s important to stay home.

If your temperature rises to 104 degrees or higher, call 911.

If someone is close to you who has symptoms, tell them to stay in their room or away from windows.

You can also contact the National Weather Service at 1-800-426-4477.

If the flu is causing you to feel sick, call a doctor.

You may also need to call your state’s public health department.

If there’s no doctor nearby, call the emergency room at your nearest emergency room.

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