Which is better: the box or the bag?

The question has been hotly debated on Engadgets, and some of the arguments are a little more nuanced than others.

While I prefer the box because it’s easier to store and take with you, some people are still on board with the bag because it can be used in a pinch, even if it’s just for a short time.

But there’s no arguing the fact that the box is the most convenient option for the most people.

I’m here to help you decide.

Let’s get started.

What is a small aluminum container?

In short, it’s an unencumbered container for storing liquids or other items.

It’s a container that’s smaller than your regular container, which means you can carry it around easily without having to remove your clothes and put it away.

Small aluminum containers also offer a lot more space and convenience than larger ones, which is a plus when you’re traveling to more than one place.

The box is actually a much smaller container than a regular bag, which makes it easier to carry around and it’s easy to open and close.

So the smaller the container, the better.

It has a flat top, meaning you can’t push or pinch the sides.

If you don’t like this, you can use a zipper, but I don’t recommend it.

The bottom of the box also has a zipper on the bottom to keep it closed.

The top of the bag is designed to be openable without removing anything, which can be handy when traveling.

If that’s not enough, you also have a zipper so you can easily zip up the top of your bag.

You can also open the bottom of your box by sliding it outwards, like this:There’s a small opening in the top to keep the lid closed.

When closed, the lid slides down and closes the lid.

The lid is closed with a small button that doubles as a thumb button.

It is a bit awkward to open the lid with your thumb, so I like to use the button for this purpose.

Inside, the bottom has a plastic bag liner that keeps the lid from sliding back and forth.

The liner is easy to remove, and I like that it is designed for easy cleaning.

The only real complaint I have with this liner is that the lid is a little bit flimsy.

The zipper keeps it in place when closed.

It is a standard, flat-top box, so it’s designed to fit on most standard sized shelves.

The opening in this box is designed so that it will fit inside a standard 1-gallon plastic bucket, which fits snugly inside a 1-inch-wide zipper, which keeps the bag in place.

This is the standard size of the plastic bucket that you can find at most grocery stores and stores that sell water bottles.

You don’t need to buy the plastic buckets that are the same size as the one I’m using, but it’s good to know.

It will fit a 1.5-gallen bucket.

If you’re using a backpack, this box should be able to hold your backpack.

If not, it might be easier to use a backpack instead.

It has a built-in drawstring that holds the lid and is very sturdy.

The bag is also designed to stay open, which allows you to carry more than just liquids.

You also don’t have to remove anything from the box to open it.

The bottom of this bag is lined with a zipper that doubles up as a little thumb button to close it.

If the zipper is a tad too long, you might have to open your zipper to get it closed, but you can always pull the zipper back in order to close the bag.

The hood is a mesh that is designed specifically for carrying liquids, which are more secure than the lid when closed because you don’st have to put anything in the bag to close or open it without opening the lid first.

This hood can be removed and is designed with a snap closure to keep liquids from getting in the way.

The zippered top has a small zippable pouch to hold a small amount of liquids.

This is a regular 1-gal.

plastic bucket.

The lining is a zipper design that doubles down to be a zipped closure.

The main zipper is designed especially for carrying larger containers.

The closure is also a zipper.

This zipper has a snap on the top and a snap-on zipper on both sides of the zipper.

The snap is easy and quick to close, and it closes fast enough that it doesn’t feel like the lid needs to be pushed back when closed, which could be a problem if the bag’s zipper is not large enough.

I also like that this bag can be easily zipped up and down and up and away without having the zipper pulled back.

If using a water bottle, the box should fit a standard water bottle.

The small zipper on top of this box closes the top easily.

The front of the bottle has a tiny hole to allow liquid to drain into the