Aluminium tin container is found inside a container of ‘aluminum’

The aluminium container of the “Aluminum Tin Container” found inside the aluminum cylinder container of an Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The container was found in a warehouse in the northern Italian city of Siena, near the Italian border.

The “Aluminium Tin Container”, or aluminium tin container as it is known locally, is believed to be the product of an illicit manufacturing enterprise in Italy, according to Italian authorities.

According to reports, the container contained aluminium, aluminum alloy, nickel and aluminium powder.

A spokesman for Italy’s interior ministry told Italian news agency ANSA that the container was originally bought from a private party for $1,800.

The spokesman also said that the owner was a local businessman.

He added that the man is now in custody and would face charges if he tried to smuggle the container into Italy.

The Albanian embassy in Milan said in a statement that “the container is not a product of Alfa and the Albanian government is not aware of it”.

The spokesman for the Albanians Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy also confirmed the contents of the container to ANSA, saying: “We do not have any information about the contents”.

Alfa’s owner in Italy has denied the allegations, and his lawyer in Milan has denied that the Albanias alleged owner was connected to Alfa, as the Albania Embassy said.

Alfa said in its statement: “The container was a gift to the Alfa family and the Alafas family had no idea it contained a quantity of materials which could be used for criminal purposes.

The containers were bought by the family from an anonymous party for a nominal price and the family never knew about its existence.”

A spokesman from the Italian police said the man in custody was wanted on suspicion of “a number of offences relating to illicit manufacturing, possession and production of firearms, explosives, and chemical substances”.

The spokesperson added that “there was no sign of any criminal activity” on the part of the man.

“We are also looking into the circumstances surrounding the theft of the containers,” the spokesperson said.

“If there are any more such thefts of such containers, we will respond accordingly.”

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