A video from the day that a cargo container crashed into the water in New Zealand

A video of the day when a cargo shipping container crashed and burst into flames has gone viral on social media, prompting many to wonder if the incident was a case of natural disasters or just a case with an overzealous captain.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by a YouTube user named Alex, shows a cargo ship that’s being unloaded from a port in New York City’s Brooklyn neighborhood.

The video was shot by the same crew who captured the moment a container crashed at sea in 2014 and nearly caught fire.

The footage shows a large number of containers exploding and burning in a chaotic, chaotic way.

As the cargo ship goes through the water, it suddenly stops.

The crew is able to get a glimpse of the containers before the fire starts, but it appears the fire wasn’t started in the container itself.

The cargo ship starts slowly as the crew tries to get to safety, but the fire quickly spreads throughout the ship and spreads into the rest of the ship.

It’s unclear what caused the fire, but a cargo-loading port is located near the Brooklyn Bridge.

A cargo ship is a large container that holds a variety of commodities.

It can hold up to 500 people.

The ship, which is owned by an Australian company, has a cargo capacity of 2,000 tons, according to its website.

A number of cargo ships have been reported to have gone overboard and caught fire, including the container ship Lido, which was destroyed in April 2018 in the Bahamas.

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