Trump signs $1.8 billion aluminum-coil recycling deal

Trump signs the first-ever federal aluminum-fiber recycling bill into law.

The move comes a week after the White House released a $1 billion grant to help companies recycle the materials.

The deal is aimed at boosting aluminum recycling and helping to ease some of the pressure facing the industry.

The legislation, which will be signed into law this week, includes a $2.5 billion grant for the Federal Aluminum Corporation.

The money will go toward promoting recycling, but there are no details yet on the amount of money.

The bill also includes $600 million for “advanced manufacturing” initiatives aimed at improving recycling efficiency and increasing recycling volumes.

The Federal Aluminum Council, a trade group for aluminum producers, also welcomed the new law.

“Today, the United States joins many countries in making significant progress on recycling and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable aluminum industry,” the group said in a statement.

“We hope that this action will further cement our strong position as the world’s leading aluminum producer and help further accelerate the adoption of aluminum-based products and technologies.”

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a nonprofit focused on energy issues, praised the bill as a “significant achievement for aluminum recycling” that is “a significant step forward for America’s aluminum industry.”

“The U.S. has been a leader in the recycling of aluminum for decades, and the Aluminum Recycling Act makes good on this historic commitment,” said ACEE President Jim Koppelman.

“It helps the aluminum industry to recover from the impact of climate change, and it also strengthens the aluminum supply chain by making recycling more affordable and easier for small and medium businesses to achieve.”

The bill is expected to boost the industry’s recycling rates from 0.75 percent of total products to 0.7 percent of products, which is more than double what it is now.