How to store aluminum foil in a small container

A few years ago, I decided to try to create a small aluminum foil container.

The result is a stainless steel container that has no holes, no seams, and is perfectly functional.

The metal container can be used for any purpose.

I use it for storing the leftover food from making meals or as a container for food storage.

I also like to use it to keep my baby’s clothes on when I’m not home with them.

Here’s how I make the container: 1.

Make a mold out of aluminum foil.

Make sure it is a sheet or a solid piece of aluminum that is at least 2 inches in diameter.

(For this, I used an 8.5-inch by 11-inch sheet of aluminum.)

Use a mortar and pestle to press the aluminum into a shape that looks like a bowl.

(You can use a coffee grinder or a rotary cutter, but I prefer a mortar-and-pestle.)


Add water and some flour to the mold.

Add some water and the flour to make a paste that is a bit runny.


Add a little bit of flour and water to the container and mix it together.


Pour it into the mold and seal it.

You’ll see it expand when you press the lid down.

(If you want to keep the container, you’ll need to press down on the lid with a knife.)


Place the lid on the container.


Allow the lid to dry for at least 1 hour before storing it in the fridge.

You can also use the aluminum foil to make small containers or to use to store other materials.


After you’ve stored it for a while, put it back in the refrigerator.

You should have enough aluminum foil for up to 2 pounds of food.


Store the aluminum container in the freezer or the fridge for up or up to 3 days.

(This may not last long enough to make it perfect.)


You’re ready to cook! Enjoy!

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