The Perforated Aluminum Container That’s Being Recycled

The Perfume Shop’s aluminum recycling program is being piloted by a company called Perfumes And Washes, and the company is offering to take aluminum containers that have been recycled into a recycling facility and re-use them for free. 

In a blog post, Perfums And Wishes founder and CEO Ryan Kieschnick told Recycle Your Aluminum, “We are committed to recycling products that we know have value in our communities, like aluminum.

Aluminum is recyclable in our warehouse, and in our community, and we want to use the aluminum that is being recycled to make products that are more eco-friendly.”

In addition to recycling the aluminum, the company will sell the containers and resold them at a profit. 

For instance, they are offering to sell aluminum foil and aluminum bottle caps at $1 per container for recycling, which is cheaper than what the recycler would pay.

The company has partnered with the nonprofit Cleaning the Environment to help the company reach its goal of saving an estimated 500 million tons of aluminum each year, which means that each recycling can add up to about $2,000 in savings. 

The Perfumery’s recycling efforts are part of a larger trend that has seen aluminum containers increasingly recycled.

The aluminum industry is booming, and with aluminum making up less than 5% of the total aluminum supply in the U.S., it’s easy to see why companies are finding a way to recycle the aluminum.