How much is a gallon of petrol?

Google News has a feature that lets users compare the cost of a gallon (0.8 litres) of petrol to a bottle of wine (1.1 litres).

The calculator also lets users see the total cost of petrol and petrol equivalents.

The answer to the question of how much is the equivalent of a bottle in a petrol tank is 1.14 litres.

Here is the answer: 1.3 litres for a gallon.

So, a 1.6 litre bottle of petrol costs around Rs. 1,500 ($0.78) in India.

But that’s only when the bottle is filled with gas.

In India, the average household spends around Rs 1,000 ($0,98) a month on petrol.

That means the petrol-drinking person has to pay around Rs 0.1 per litre for petrol.

The average petrol price in India is around Rs 4.85 ($0;8) a litre, but the average price of petrol in India for petrol refineries is around 5.9 ($0.;9) a liter.

The average price in New Delhi is around 2.35 ($0.$0;4) a gallon, and the average in Bangalore is around 4.8 ($0$0;5) a gram.

If you compare the price of a petrol bottle in India with the price in other countries, you will find that the cost in the United Kingdom is around $2.30 ($0.) a litter.

That’s not a lot of difference.

But there are other factors that come into play in the price equation.

For instance, in the US, the price is generally set by the average consumer price index (API).

For instance in the March 2018 API, the cost was $1.38 ($0($0;3) per gallon), whereas in the December 2016 API it was $0.88 ($0(0;1) per liter).

This means that the average petrol in the country is around 20 cents per litter, whereas in New Zealand it was around $0 ($0);4.

So you are getting a much cheaper price for petrol in New York.

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