How to protect yourself from aluminum containers

It is common for people to use aluminium containers in their home, but some containers are more harmful than others.

Here are the top tips for protecting yourself from the dangerous stuff.


Keep your bin out of the reach of children and pets 1.

Make sure your bin is in a safe place and out of reach of dogs and other animals.

Avoiding your bin in a room where you cannot easily reach is the safest thing you can do, the National Trust says.


Use a plastic container with an elastic band to keep items safe from spills and to seal the container.


Wrap the lid of your container in plastic tape or a piece of bubble wrap if it comes in contact with other containers.


Avoid leaving your container unattended when you are away from home and avoid putting anything else in it, such as your bed sheets, a cup of tea or other items you would not normally use.


Do not put anything in your bin that you have never opened, even if it has been in your possession for a long time.

This could include your clothes or a pair of socks.


When using your bin, keep your bin away from children and avoid leaving it open while they are asleep.


Don’t put anything that you are allergic to in your plastic bin.


Keep the lid on your bin and keep the contents dry.


If your bin becomes wet, close it up. 10.

Make certain that your bin has a minimum of three levels of protection: the bottom layer, which is made of a polyethylene material and contains a waterproof coating, the top layer which contains a plastic layer and a thin, flexible material that can be removed if the contents become wet.


Make your bin available at all times.

If you need to move items, do so with a sealant in place.

You can use a plastic bag or baggie.


Keep a copy of your bin or of your local council’s recycling policy.


Do a Google search for “Aluminum bin” and check if there is a local recycling centre near you.

If so, ask your local authority for details.


If recycling is not available, you can try using a plastic recycling bin or a bin from your local recycling warehouse.


Avoid using any container that is more than 30cm (12in) in diameter.


If the contents of your aluminium bin become too hot, try leaving it at room temperature for 15 minutes.

This can help the contents cool down, but it is not advisable.


If there is no water in your aluminium container, make sure you can drain the contents.


Make a note of the container number on the bottom of the lid and of the date the container was opened and the contents removed.


If something becomes stuck, you may need to put a band on the inside of the bin, or use a tape measure to measure the height of the object.


Use disposable gloves to help you remove or clean up any items that become trapped in your container.


Check your bin for leaks before you use it and make sure it is dry before you take it out of your home.


Keep an eye on your recycling bin at all time.

If it becomes full, get rid of it. 23.

Always put your bin into a safe location to ensure it is protected.

The National Trust recommends keeping a close eye on the contents at all stages of your recycling collection.


Always keep your container dry.

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