WalMart to buy Aluminium Container Holdings for $7.6B

ALPHABETICAL Container Shipper WalMart is buying Aluminium container shipper Aluminium Shippers, the company announced Tuesday.

Aluminium Container Shippers (ATLS) supplies shippers across the United States with a wide range of container types, including refrigerated containers, pallets, boxes, crates and boxes.

Aluminum Container Shipping (ATL) is the largest container shippers in the U.S., with more than 2,000 containers shipped annually.

Alibaba said the Aluminium Company will acquire the company, which provides containers, boxes and other containers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand.

The acquisition will result in a combined company with assets of $20 billion, the online retailer said.

Alimatransports said it is also acquiring Aluminium Shipping Services (ATS), which is also the leading supplier of container shipping services in the world.

Aluminium Ships is also a leading container shipping provider in China.