Aluminum containers safe, aluminum containers safe: Health authorities

A new safety review issued by the Department of Health and Human Services says aluminum containers can be safely used in many cases.

The review is the result of a collaboration between the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a release from the Department.

Aluminum containers are a particularly controversial topic.

They are used as containers for aluminum powders and are considered hazardous by the Environmental Defense Fund, a consumer watchdog group, and by some state governments.

The Food and Disposal Administration said in August that it was considering banning aluminum containers.

The new review is intended to give states more information and guidance to use aluminum containers safely.

The new review comes at a time when aluminum containers are seen as a convenient alternative to other container options, such as plastic bags and foam containers.

Aluminium containers are also a major contributor to air pollution, and are a major component of industrial air quality standards that EPA has been working on for years.