How to clean and maintain your new Walmart aluminum container

The new Walmart Aluminum Container has just landed in Manila and you can now order it.

You can order one for yourself or to use for your friends and family, if you like.

Walmart is introducing the new aluminum containers for a few more reasons, including the need to keep the company from losing its monopoly on the plastic containers.

The new containers have been manufactured by the world’s largest company, Walmart, and are made from aluminum and are more than 2.3 inches (6.5 centimeters) long, 6.4 inches (15 centimeters) wide and 1.9 inches (3 centimeters) deep.

They’re also about 10% lighter than previous models, Walmart spokeswoman Stephanie Johnson said.

“They’re about 5 percent more expensive,” Johnson said, adding that the new containers will be offered to Walmart employees and customers starting Oct. 1.

The aluminum containers will last longer than previous ones and are much better at holding water, Johnson said in an email.

The containers have to be emptied before they can be reused, but Johnson said the new ones will also have a capacity of 2,500 pounds (1,100 kilograms).

“It’s not just a matter of adding a new product to Walmart, but it’s a big opportunity for Walmart to be able to expand into more and more markets,” Johnson added.

WalMart also has a partnership with a Philippine company to create the new plastic containers, which are being manufactured in the Philippines.

They’ll be available in stores from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15.